Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Hannah Andrade of Bradford Literary

Hannah Andrade is a literary agent with Bradford Literary.

Hannah started as an agency assistant before moving on to acquire her own clients. She’s been with Bradford Literary Agency since 2017 and has had the privilege to work with a number of bestselling authors across a variety of genres. She likes to think of herself as an editorial-focused agent and is particularly eager to acquire BIPOC/underrepresented voices. She is prioritizing stories of joy where identity isn’t the focus and is especially excited about stories rooted in history, mythology, and legends, particularly those that are lesser-known or underrepresented in traditional publishing.

Hannah is very interested in stories that explore the intricacies of multicultural identities. She loves stories of immigration (not relegated to America) and of first/second generation Americans who struggle balancing the values of their country with the culture and heritage of their parents (as in the tv shows Ramy or Gentefied). As a Mexican-American, she would particularly love to see the stories that she grew up with showcased in new and creative ways.

Fiction Wishlist:

  • dark and transporting Young Adult fantasy
  • atmospheric and whimsical Middle Grade
  • Young Adult & Adult mysteries with a unique hook
  • clever retellings of folklore/legends/myths
  • stories that feature diverse voices and multicultural experiences
  • Graphic Novels

Nonfiction Wishlist:

  • Adult narrative nonfiction
  • Investigative journalism/true crime stories with strong voice

Hannah is NOT looking for:

Political/medical thriller

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