Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Lesley Sabga of The Seymour Agency

Lesley Sabga is a literary agent at The Seymour Agency.

Lesley has worked as an editorial assistant and freelancer for multiple publishing houses such as Entangled, Jolly Fish Press and Flux Books, as well as Sourcebooks. She’s been working for The Seymour Agency since 2014.

Starting out as an eager intern, she worked her way up to being a literary assistant, and in the fall of 2017, Lesley became an agent with The Seymour Agency. Lesley is a member of AAR.

Lesley loves intricate and vivid world-building and character-driven plots with commercial pacing. She is currently acquiring young adult and adult fiction. She is always down to read a dark and twisty suspense/thriller featuring strong, female protagonists or mysteries where there is a large cast of characters and all the pieces slowly fall into place. She loves big, sweeping love stories that give you all the feels and she’s particularly interested in voice-driven fiction for millennial women that focus on the real-life romantic, humorous, and professional experiences they go through. Always open to diversity, Lesley is actively looking for marginalized authors to bring into the literary world.

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