Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Kimberly Brower of Brower Literary

Kimberly Brower (right) is a literary agent and founder of Brower Literary.

Aimee Ashcraft (left) is a literary agent with Brower Literary.


(Kimberly had to cancel on the June 12 online FLWW event and Aimee is attending in Kimberly’s place. That means if you have already signed up to pitch Kimberly, Aimee will take your pitch on behalf of Kimberly, and all is well. But from now on [May 16], please only sign up for Aimee.) 

Aimee Ashcraft is looking for upmarket and literary fiction, specifically historical fiction, women’s fiction, and YA (all genres). She loves books that pull her in, immersing her in a world she can’t escape until the final sentence. She is looking for original voices and compelling, complex female characters.

Aimee has loved books since the days of sneakily reading under her desk in elementary school. Thankfully, reading is no longer a punishable offense, and she is busy seeking out stories that feature all-encompassing worlds and compelling female characters. She loves books that are told from an original point of view and are more addictive than a good Netflix binge. Aimee received her BA from Transylvania University and her MA from NYU. She is now based in New York City and is thrilled to be joining Brower Literary and Management.

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