Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Tess Callero of Europa Content

Tess Callero is a literary agent with Europa Content.

“I am actively on the hunt for genre YA and adult fiction as well as nonfiction projects. I am specifically looking for YA romance and thriller/suspense. I love a unique setting (boarding schools, small towns, international adventures). Please do not query me with sci-fi/fantasy or horror.

“On the adult side, I love smart, twisty psychological suspense in the vein of Lucy Foley or Ashley Audrain. I’m also looking for fun and engaging contemporary rom com – think BEACH READ or anything by Sally Thorne. I’d especially love a story that takes a young female narrator in a familiar setting and tells readers something new about the experience, like SUCH A FUN AGE or HAPPY & YOU KNOW IT.”

Nonfiction: cookbooks, food narrative, pop culture, science, investigative journalism, business, social justice and anti-racism, humor

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