Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Hannah Mann of Writers House

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 5.08.57 PM.pngHannah Mann is a literary agent with Writers House.

She is seeking: Young adult, middle grade, and picture books. Details below.

Young Adult: “I especially love realistic and witty YA (that includes drama, romance, comedy, thrillers, mystery—or hybrids of these!), but I’m open to low fantasy and magical realism that doesn’t account for too much happenstance. I’m a sucker for unique line-by-line writing and (flawed!) character and relationship driven plots–true-to-life fiction with larger-than-life personalities. Setting is secondary to characters and relationships for me, but I love when it’s almost a character in itself. Seamlessly incorporated cultural bytes (music, food, art, language, books, and specific family traditions) are always good. I also love innovative modernizations and re-tellings of Shakespearean and other classics (including John Hughes movies).”

Middle Grade: “I look for funny and dramatic (or both!) MG novels about friendships (including those with animals), and the complexity of individual families. Brave or whimsical adventure stories starring unlikely characters and underdogs are great, and I look for honest, funny, and unique voice here, full of heart, smarts, and humor.”

Picture Books: “While I’m presently focusing on acquiring older formats, in general, I look for artful, human, and/or humorous stories and artwork driven by expressive characters. I seek illustration with something fresh going on (or that pays homage to a classic with its own modern layering). I’m additionally a fan of tender/gentle picture books.”


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