Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Annie Bomke of Annie Bomke Literary Agency

AB1Annie Bomke is a literary agent and the founder of Annie Bomke Literary Agency.

Annie is a literary agent with over a decade of experience in the publishing industry. Her clients include the Macavity Award-winning crime writer John Copenhaver, and the Barnes & Noble bestselling cozy mystery author Libby Klein. She represents a wide range of projects—from hard-nosed business books to otherworldly historical novels. Annie has loved the publishing industry since her internship at Zoetrope: All-Story, a literary magazine founded by Francis Ford Coppola. Authors have called her the pH test for good writing, and a bedrock for literary quality control.

She is looking for: adult and YA fiction and nonfiction, including commercial and literary fiction, upmarket fiction, mysteries (from hilarious cozies to gritty police procedurals and everything in between), historical fiction, magical realism, women’s fiction, psychological thrillers/suspense, literary/psychological horror, self-help, business, health/diet, cookbooks, memoir, relationships, current events, true crime, psychology, prescriptive nonfiction, and narrative nonfiction. She’s a sucker for locked room mysteries, books set in the Victorian era, books about evil children, and unreliable narrators. In any genre she is looking for character-driven stories. She is especially interested in books that feature diverse characters. She is not interested in representing picture books, chapter books or middle grade.

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